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Content & Length Guidelines

St. Louis Public Radio limits underwriting announcements to 15 seconds, including the preamble: “Support for St. Louis Public Radio comes from.

St. Louis Public Radio airs no more than three local underwriter announcements at each scheduled break.

Our guidelines for language are based on FCC regulations for non-commercial radio stations.

Announcements may include:

  • Your name and location.
  • Trade names, product or service listings, slogans and positioning statements that identify, but do not promote.
  • A value neutral description of your product line or service.

Announcements cannot include:

  • Wording, i.e. "Stop in, come by, visit us, etc..."
  • Qualitative or comparative statements, e.g. "the best", "the leading," "the fastest," "the oldest," etc.
  • References to price and/or discounts, including "free," "no charge," etc.
  • More than three trade names, product or service listings
  • Promotional language such as “dazzling,” “wondrous,” “exquisite,” “unique,” “hilarious,” “classic,” etc.
  • The words "you," "your," "our," and "we"

Sample Announcements

Support for St. Louis Public Radio comes from XYZ Widget Company. Providing widgets in blue, green and red. A St. Louis business since 1949. Online at x-y-z widgets dot com.
Support for St. Louis Public Radio comes from XYZ Widget Company. A St. Louis widget maker providing widgets tailored for dentists, tailors and teachers. Online at x-y-z widgets dot com.