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Each week Science Friday host and executive producer Ira Flatow turns the microphone over to SciFri Video producer Flora Lichtman. SciFri Videos often explore an aspect of daily life that younger audiences might be surprised to learn have a science angle.

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St. Louis researchers hope genetically modified crops can prevent hunger
September 22, 2016
In many parts of East and Central Africa, farmers are experiencing declining yields of cassava due to brown streak virus, a plant disease that can render a crop inedible. For the past decade, scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in Creve Coeur have led a project that tries another tack - genetically modifying cassava plants for disease resistance.

New Boeing laboratory develops drones
August 10, 2016
Boeing has opened a new laboratory in the St. Louis area to test drones on their ability to collaborate on tasks, such as search and rescue missions. The story also explores the challenges in developing such technology and touches on the implications on having automated machines that can work with each other.

Science Center brings Mars rover back to earth in new exhibit
November 23, 2015
Feature story exploring the St. Louis Science Centerís attempt to bring the science behind the Mars Rover to St. Louis.

Mary-Dell Chilton Interview
May 18, 2015
An interview with Mary-Dell Chilton, one of the pioneers of genetic engineering, who was in St. Louis to take part in Washington Universityís graduation ceremonies. At the school, she led the team that created the first genetically-modified plants.

Ultrafast camera turns science fiction into reality
January 05, 2015
A report on a new camera developed at Washington University that can take a hundred billion pictures a second.

EPA Administrator Karl Brooks Interview
September 26, 2014
An interview with EPA Regional Administrator Karl Brooks about new rules to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants in the U.S.

Gene Kranz Interview
July 15, 2014
An interview with Gene Kranz, the man in charge of NASA's Mission Control during the Apollo flights to the moon.

Saving The Monarch's Migration: A Conversation With Ecologist Lincoln Brower
April 18, 2014
Monarch butterflies are in trouble. According to the latest estimates, their numbers have dropped dramatically at their wintering grounds in Mexico. This was an interview with ecologist Lincoln Brower, who has been studying these large black-and-orange insects for close to 60 years. He was in St. Louis to accept the Harris Center Conservation Action Prize from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Genetic Privacy
March 14, 2014
An interview with a Washington University professor and a University of Chicago professor about whether we have genetic privacy with information easier to access.

Launch Code Aims To Grow St. Louis Tech Talent
September 23, 2013
An interview with Square co-founder Jim McKelvey about his new project called "Launch Code."

Science on St. Louis on the Air

The End of the Shuttle Program and the Future of Space Science
July 07, 2011
A conversation about the end of NASA's shuttle program, as well as a look back at the St. Louis contributions to space science.

Global Plant Conservation: Saving the World from the Ground Up
July 06, 2011
A special broadcast live from The Missouri Botanical Garden and The Global Partnership for Plant Conservation conference.

Online Privacy / Solar Energy
June 22, 2011
A conversation about protecting your information, your image, and your business online, followed by a discussion about the cost savings of solar energy.

Nonverbal Communication / Illinois Legislature
June 02, 2011
A conversation with UMSL's Miles Patterson about the power of nonverbal communication, followed by a discussion about the just completed session of the Illinois State Legislature.

Elaine Viets / Tornadoes
May 25, 2011
A discussion with Elaine Viets about her writing career and her induction into the Media Halls of Fame followed by a discussion with meteorologist Mike Smith about the science behind tornadoes and accurately predicting them.



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