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Research is Critical in Hiring Interviews
Commentary by: Anna Navarro
Aired February 25, 2008

Good research can help you succeed in a hiring interview. The goal is to figure out what an employer is looking for, so you can put your best foot forward.

Bill was an attorney looking for better opportunities. He had an interview with a big firm in two weeks.

He got in touch with the person who told him about the opening and gently probed for information. He learned the firm wanted a general business lawyer, but would value some experience in mergers and acquisitions.

He explored the firm’s website, looked up the person who was going to interview him in Who’s Who, and researched the local newspaper archives and Martindale Hubble, a publication about law firms.

He learned the person who was going to interview him went to Notre Dame, as had his father. More substantively, he determined that several of the firm’s clients did a lot of business in Latin America.

From conversations with his lawyer friends, he discovered the firm expected young lawyers to demonstrate that they could develop business.

Bill's research had been very productive. He’d figured out he needed to emphasize his merger and acquisition experience, his ability to speak Spanish and his track record attracting clients. He also learned that his Notre Dame connection might provide an opportunity for personal bonding.

The interview went very well and he got the job. The partner who made the offer commented, "You were far and away the candidate who best fit what we were looking for." Bill knew that was no accident!

(The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of St. Louis Public Radio.)

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Anna Navarro

Anna Navarro


Anna Navarro is the founder of Work Transitions, a nationwide organization dedicated to helping individuals find satisfaction and fulfillment in their work.


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