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Amendment 3 and Judicial Selection
Aired July 12, 2012
Under proposed Amendment 3, the appointment of judges would be completely under the political control of the governor and most often dominated by lawyers. The ultimate result is that wealthy campaign donors may determine who gets selected as judges, and merit may not matter.

The Turner Problem: Whose Problem is it?
Aired April 02, 2012
The legislature created this problem, but provided no clues as to how to solve it. Various legislators last year and this year have made proposals for a “Turner fix, ” but the bills have become burdened with some groups’ favorite ideas – school choice, vouchers, no-tenure for teachers, tax credits for parochial school parents, more charter schools… you name it. The chance to pass favorite ideas in the name of a “Turner fix” is tempting but it makes a solution difficult. As one rural legislator said, in a colorful twist of a familiar phrase: “there’s too much bath water to drink to get to the baby.”

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Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff


Michael A. Wolff is a professor of law at Saint Louis University School of Law and co-director of its Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Law. He was a judge of the Supreme Court of Missouri from August 1998 to August 2011, and served a two-year term as Chief Justice from July 2005 to June 2007. Prior to his judicial service, Judge Wolff was on the faculty of Saint Louis University School of Law for 23 years, was active in trial practice and was co-author of Federal Jury Practice and Instructions and numerous other legal publications. Judge Wolff is a graduate of Dartmouth College, where he was editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper, and the University of Minnesota Law School. During law school he was a reporter for The Minneapolis Star.

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