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Todd Akin - No Longer the Underdog
Aired June 01, 2011
Through sheer political logic, a candidate who'd run statewide before or won a state Senate seat should have had an advantage to succeed Talent. But Akin defied the political odds and vanquished the GOP field by a handful of votes.

Battling against his own party that year was arguably Akin's most notable electoral challenge of his long career in public service. He's won re-election to the U.S. House without any trouble over the last six election cycles. But last week, Akin sought to supersede that race's difficulty when he declared his intention to run for U.S. Senate next year.

Carnahan's Conundrum
Aired April 13, 2011
Competitiveness may not be a bad thing. On the cynical side of things, a competitive seat would feed consultants of both parties for a few election cycles and give hope to a slew of St. Louis area wannabe congressmen. From a more good-government perspective, congressional districts with a more even partisan divide could organically force lawmakers to be less ideological and more attune to their districts.

Regardless, Carnahan’s future is at a crossroads.

Prop B Doesn't Address The Real Issue
Aired October 29, 2010
Missouri is an epicenter for dog breeders – 1,431 to be exact, according to the Kansas City Star. And that’s caused the Humane Society of America to shepherd through a ballot item calling for restrictions on dog breeding.
The campaign manager of the group pushing the ballot item told the Star that the initiative places “animal-welfare” provisions into the “large-scale breeding equations.” The Star also reported that a K.C.-area animal shelter supports the initiative, noting that it deals with the consequences of breeders who run afoul of state regulations.

But one thing that’s not addressed within the proposition is how it will be enforced.

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Jason Rosenbaum

Jason Rosenbaum


Jason Rosenbaum is a freelance journalist. He covered state politics in Jefferson City for Missouri Lawyers Media, the St. Louis Beacon, the Columbia Business Times and the Columbia Tribune. He also is a regular commentator for KBIA, an NPR affiliate based in Columbia.

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