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No on Prop A
Aired April 01, 2010
An agency that isnít accountable to the public, and has an unmatched record for wasting tax dollars, should not be given such a huge increase.

If approved, county tax dollars for Metro would go from about $80 million to about $160 million a year. This would be the third sales tax for Metro and the third sales tax increase in three years in St. Louis County.

This comes at a time when many families are already struggling to make ends meet.

"No" to Prop M
Aired October 24, 2008
We all want a good public transit system for the St. Louis area. But giving a 100% tax hike to a transit agency with a record of squandering tax dollars, is not the way to go about it.

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Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan


Tom Sullivan is the spokesman for the Public Transit Accountability Project, which advocates the main priority for Metro should be meeting the needs of those dependent on public transit. He lives in University City and has been involved in public policy issues for many years.

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