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St. Louis History in Black and White: From Dred Scott to Barack Obama


Gail Milissa Grant: One Family's Experience From 1906-1975

Until the civil rights movement in this country achieved the momentum it did in the 1950s and '60s, much of what was accomplished was managed relatively quietly by people who are largely unknown or whose role was played out of the spotlight. This work for equal rights was taking place all over the country and provided the groundwork for what was to come. St. Louis was no exception. Blacks and whites were largely segregated here. African Americans working for change in St. Louis nonetheless found ways to break barriers. One of them was attorney David M. Grant.  His daughter, Gail Milissa Grant, wrote about his life and her own in St. Louis in her book At the Elbows of my Elders…One Family’s  Journey Toward Civil Rights.

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Gail Melissa Grant, author of At the Elbows of my Elders…One Family’s  Journey Toward Civil Rights.



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