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KWMU in Iraq

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Psychological Operations

In Iraq, psychological operations, known as psyops, are at the front edge of the U.S.-led coalition's military campaign. Psyops tactics often take a chapter from the Madison Avenue playbook, by identifying a target audience and then selling that audience an idea. The message of the 10th Psychological Operations Battalion, based in St. Louis, is that the Iraqi Coalition Government offers the best chance for peace in that country. KWMU's Adam Allington is in Iraq reporting on the 10th Psychological Operations Battalion.


Adam Allington's trip to Iraq has been financed, in part, by the Multi-National Force-Iraq. His reporting, however, is free of censorship and influence by the military.

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Feature Reports From Iraq:
KWMU Reporter Adam Allington's feature reports as heard on 90.7 FM.

soldierInterpreters fear for their lives, but are indispensable to troops
Interpreters act as cultural bridges. The work is extremely dangerous; interpreters and their families are often targets of insurgents.

KWMU's Adam Allington spoke with an interpreter who goes simply by the name Peter.

Peter says that when he first started working for the U.S. military in 2005, interpreters were in such short supply he would often work 24 hours a stretch.

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driving rangeDespite modern conveniences, soldiers still face plenty of down time
Things have changed somewhat since previous wars; soldiers now have e-mail, TV and video games. But do such comforts really fill the void that family, friends and a life outside of the Army used to occupy?

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Soldiers try to foster trustSoldiers try to foster trust in local government
Over the last six months, coalition forces operating in Iraq have had some success pushing insurgents out of urban centers. Some military units are now directly involved in support roles to prop up local governemtns. But do Iraqis want a Democratic system? And do they have faith in their elected leadership in Baghdad?

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Adam AllingtonReporter finds Iraqis, military welcoming
KWMU's Adam Allington has reported on the 10th Psychological Operations Battalion's efforts to work with the Iraqi people to stabilize their communities; the effects of multiple call-ups on the soldiers; and the system of reconciling the damage done by the coalition's forces.

He tells KWMU's Bill Raack that he was not prepared for what he has seen and heard in Iraq.

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Iraqi mother and childWarzone economics
U.S. Army Civil Affairs is charged with reconciling cases of accidental damage and death by establishing Civil-Military Operations Centers, called C-MOCs.

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PsyOp SoldiersPsyOp soldiers wage 'battle for hearts and minds' in Iraq
Since the war in Iraq began, the U.S. military has tried to establish peace by promoting a western system of democratic governance and civic responsibility.

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10th PsyOps Brigade Headquarters, Camp Victory, BaghdadDeployment is often a guessing game for reservists
Though most reservists and guard personnel serving in Iraq are there in support roles, many are operating in some of the most violent areas.

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Adam AllingtonTraveling to a war zone
In case you're wondering how long it takes to get from St. Louis to Iraq, KWMU's Adam Allington has the answer: about 40 hours.

Adam arrived in Baghdad over the weekend after flying with U.S. soldiers returning from R&R. Along the way he kept his tape recorder running.

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BaghdadMissouri army unit fights PsyOps war in Iraq
The message of the 307th Psychological Operations Company, based at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, is that the Iraqi Coalition Government offers the best chance for peace in that country.

KWMU's Adam Allington is traveling to Iraq to report on the 307th. Before he left, Adam spoke with Major Shawn McLain, who's the company's commander.

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